Ceramic Filters


"Fine Filters" Compressed Air /Gas Filters consist of a two-stage separation-cum-filtration process.


Typical Applications include filtration of compressed Air/ N2/ CO2/ Cl2/ Natural gas/SO2/NH3 etc.


In the first stage, the air/gas passes through a carefully positioned Demister Pad placed above the inlet nozzle.


The Demister Pad is made of knitted St. Steel wire loops with symmetrical interlocks. Due to the high free volume and large impingement area, it has a very low pressure drop. As the air/gas passes through the pad, the liquid droplets contact the large wire surface area and due to the greater inertia, they are held back. As more and more droplets collect, they coalesce and grow in size and then fall back in the drain sump due to gravity.


The air/gas exiting out from the top of the Demister pad will contain traces of oil and moisture in mist form in the range of about 25-30 microns. In the next stage, the air/gas enters the porous ceramic filter elements hanging above the Demister Pad.