High pressure Filters

Parker Finite J Series HP Filters Why do high pressure systems need filtration?

High pressure compressors are used in a variety of applications. Many owners, operators and designers of high pressure compressed air or gas systems rely on Parker’s Finite Filter Operation for high efficiency filters. End users of high pressure compressed air, such as scuba divers and fire rescue workers, depend on high quality breathable air.


Throughout the stages of compression many contaminants can enter into the system. Excessive amounts of liquid aerosols, primarily lube oil carryover and solid particulate contamination are common in high pressure systems. In addition, higher temperature levels are possible and may cause liquid oils to varnish. This contamination can lead to poor component performance and wear that may lead to unscheduled maintenance. Even submicronic contaminants in compressed air or gas systems can foul multistage compressors, increasing maintenance costs and impacting product quality.