Refrigeration Air Dryers

Parker Hiross RAD
Protect the Environment and your Investments

Compressed air is a fundamental source of energy for the large majority of industrial processes. However, air from a compressor is often too humid, contaminated or hot to be used in the production chain without prior treatment.

The application of high-quality air ensures continuity and reliability of industrial applications, the highest quality standards for finished products and the optimization of production costs. Parker Hiross offers a range of refrigerated air drying solutions including:


• Low and medium-capacity cycling refrigeration dryers, products which have made Parker Hiross the world leader in the field of refrigerated air drying. The current ranges -Starlette Plus®, PoleStar Smart® and PoleStar Smart® HP -are the products of more than forty years of experience in the research, development and production of compressed air treatment systems.

High-capacity cycling refrigeration dryers, available as standard models or custom-made to customer requirements.

Adsorption dryers, for ‘supercharged’ drying, where a dewpoint in the -40°C to -70°C range is required.



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