Dryers for CMM

Parker Balston CMM



A Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is an instrument that locates point coordinates on three dimensional structures mainly used for quality control applications. The highly sensitive machine measures parts down to the fraction of an inch and must be properly maintained and protected to ensure accurate measurements. Specifically, a CMM contains many highly sensitive air bearings on which the measuring arm floats.

Features and benefits:

Protects CMMs from costly repairs caused by oil and water

• Guaranteed dew point of 35°F and contaminant removal to .01 micron
• Offers a reliable, efficient, and economical alternative to other dryer technologies

• Ideal for supplying pure, dry air to Starrett, Brown & Sharpe, Zeiss, IMS and MTI CMMs

• Requires no electricity resulting in lower operating costs; silent, vibration free operation

• Decreases maintenance with no desiccant to change

• No heat or vibration generated; prevents inaccurate measurements
• Environmentally friendly, using no refrigerants or freons

• Complete system with high efficiency coalescing filters

• May be installed vertically or horizontally



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