Compressor Lube Oil Filters-15/40/80CN-Series

Parker-Compressor Lube Oil Filters-15/40/80CN-Series


This partial list of applications for Parker “CN” series filters has a common factor, the need for an economical, medium pressure range filter with excellent fatigue pressure ratings. Prior to the availability of the “CN” filter, applications were restricted by limitations of a spin-on can, or forced into the higher cost range of high pressure filters.


The “CN” series fills this gap, and now with the newly increased fatigue rating from 550 to 800 psi, the applications are expanded


Ecoglass III Replacement Elements


Ecoglass III represents the merging of high performance filtration technology with environmentally conscious engineering. The Ecoglass III line of replacement elements feature 100% non-metallic construction. The design reduces solid waste and minimizes disposal costs for industry. The non-metallic construction means lightweight elements (60% less weight) for easier servicing.


The Ecoglass III elements utilize the same proprietary media design as our Micro glass III line of replacement elements. With Ecoglass III, a reusable core is installed into the filter housing and remains in service throughout the life of the assembly.



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